Piccolo Giro di Lombardia, a 90-year history

OGGIONO (LC) - Sunday, October 7, 2018 the Piccolo Giro di Lombardia, classic of international cycling for the Under 23 category scheduled in Oggiono (Lecco), will celebrate its 90th edition. A 90-year history, made of so much passion, love for cycling and many young champions launched to professionalism.
The first edition of the Piccolo Giro di Lombardia dates back to 1911, exactly six years after the birth of professionals. It is an era of ferment and great changes in Italy and in the world. To understand this is the year in which the 50th anniversary of the unification of Italy is celebrated, the fourth Giolitti government is elected, Italy enters the war against Libya and the Italo-Turkish war breaks out, it is established in Europe, the first time, the Women's Day, there is the launch of the Titanic, Guglielmo Marconi telegraph for the first time a message from Italy to America, Carlo Galetti won the Tour of Italy in Rome and the Pro Vercelli wins his third Scudetto in the Italian soccer championship.
Returning to the Piccolo Lombardia, organizing the first edition of 1911 was the Milanese Sports Union. The race crossed the provinces of Como, Varese, Bergamo and then ended in Sesto San Giovanni. Not even the First World War stopped the baby Lombardia. In 1919 the ascent of Ghisallo was included for the first time on the route of the Tour of Lombardy by professionals. In imitation also the Piccolo Giro in 1920 inserted for the first time the ascent destined to become a symbol of the race and never abandoned for all subsequent editions.
The Milanese Sports Union in 1924 decided to transfer its trademark and organizational rights to the Auto Bike Cycle Union, better known as 'UCAM', still based in Milan and which made an important contribution to the growth of the race. Also in the Thirties-Forties we continued with the departure in Milan, the passage on Ghisallo and the conclusion to Sesto San Giovanni.
The tragic consequences of the Second World War led to a new change of organization that I passed into the hands of the Bruzzanese, a large company based in the suburbs of Milan and chaired by Eugenio Rimoldi.
For 40 years Bruzzanese organized the Piccolo Giro di Lombardia with expertise and passion, from 1955 in conjunction with the sponsor Brill, a leading company in the production of shoe polish, and the place of arrival often changed between Cusano Milanino, Paderno Dugnano, Novate Milanese, Incirano of Nova Milanese.
From 1990 the organizational direction passed into the hands of the Velo Club Como, with the city and the province of Como that became the fulcrum in the event. From 1993 to 2008, the Lario Sports Group of Giorgio Roncoroni took charge of the organization, reporting Lombardy to Como in 1998. The October 4, 2008 edition was the last to arrive in Como, via Lungolario Trento.
In 2009 the race was not held. From 2010 the rebirth with a new era of Velo Club Oggiono, with president Daniele Fumagalli at the head of a dynamic organization that in nine years has made it even more prestigious to Lombardia baby. Departure and arrival in Oggiono, in the province of Lecco, with a route that also involves the provinces of Como, Monza Brianza and Bergamo.
A story that continues with its tradition, the unchanged charm and a touch of innovation. The classic for young people is the perfect springboard to enter the world of adults.
This will also be the case on October 7th, for the edition number 90 of the Piccolo Giro di Lombardia, when the best young talents of the world cycling will try to write their name in the prestigious book of the race, to succeed the Belarusian Aleksandr Riabushenko, winner of the 2017 edition, and of other champions just to mention some of the winners of the most recent years, we remember: Gianni Moscon, Davide Villella, Jan Polanc, Stefano Garzelli, Maurizio Fondriest, Moreno Argentin.